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Kaveat, contracts made simple.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Hello everyone!

We all know that signing contracts is a headache, they are long and verbose while also being pretty important. In short, contracts are complicated. And for the millions of content creators in the United States, this is leading to some unfavorable deals. Unfair contracts that go unchecked can cause some serious damage on a content creator’s career. That is where we come in.

We are Kaveat, our team has developed a software that helps creatives understand and negotiate their contracts. We provide simplified explanations of each clause along with information and statistics around negotiation and what the implications of signing it actually entail.

Kaveat is rebalancing the scales of information to reduce asymmetry as it currently stands. We help creators understand their agreements so that they can be more informed when negotiating. We are not providing legal advice or telling people what they should do, rather we empower individuals to seek what is best for themselves.

Kaveat leverages AI to simplify contracts and bring them to the 21st century, making them interactive, accessible, and simple. There is also so much data around our contracts that we have no access to (ie. “is this clause common?” “Is there something that is missing?” “What are most other people’s payment terms?”), so we collect this, package it, and provide it back to you. With Kaveat, you can get all the information you are entitled to, plain and simple.

We believe legal agreement should be just that, an informed and consensual agreement between two parties. With Kaveat, you have full control over your contract, career, and livelihood. Your agreement, your way.

We know this lack of transparency impacts many different industries. We are starting with those in the creator economy (i.e. influencers, models, YouTubers, artists…) because it’s a labor force that gets traditionally a bit overlooked. But our intention is to expand ASAP to other sectors. Kaveat is revolutionizing the way that individuals and small businesses interact with their contracts.

Our team has a unique skill set containing natural language processing, full-stack software engineering, and global legal expertise. On top of that, we have lived experience receiving complex and un-equitable contracts in the creative spaces. We were sick of this problem. We know you are too. So we have built a solution.

If you are interested in learning more about us, check us out here and join our waitlist. If you are a creator with a contract in need of simplifying, here is a link to our live beta!

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