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Streamline Your Dealflow

The AI-powered contract analytics platform for media & entertainment industries, tailored just for you.

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Contracts are complicated.

Kaveat isn't.

Quickly and easily upload your existing contracts for review and optimization. Kaveat's intelligent algorithms will identify areas for improvement, provide industry benchmarking data, and give actionable steps for streamlining your contract management processes.

Upload a contract


Seamlessly edit, share, and update your doc to fit your needs and standards with help from our automatic redlining tool.

Review and edit your document


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Keep track of all your contracts in an easy to use dashboard. Check on the status of review, send alerts, and store relevant deal docs together.

Store, manage, and complete your processes all in one place




The Kaveat Benefit


Save Time

and Money

Save valuable resources by automating manual tasks, accelerating contract approvals, and reducing legal fees.


Enhanced Collaboration

Foster seamless collaboration among stakeholders with real-time contract redlining, comments, and version control.




Facilitate smooth and efficient contract negotiations with our platform's collaborative features, enabling real-time communication, version control, and redlining capabilities.


Reduce Redundancy & Increase Transparency

Improve visibility and eliminate duplicate work with a centralized contract management platform that ensures consistency and collaboration.

Our Team.

Our team at Kaveat is uniquely positioned to build an exceptional solution for our customers in the media and entertainment industries. With diverse backgrounds and a customer-centric approach, we have the expertise and first-hand experience to address your pain points.


Dorothee Grant, with her AI & NLP engineering experience at NASA and as a former full-time model with IMG Models, brings a deep understanding of the technical intricacies and invaluable industry insights. Elizabete Ludborza, our COO, combines her legal expertise from working at the Court of Justice of the European Union and eBay with her experience as a content creator, offering a comprehensive perspective. Christine Shen, our CTO, has extensive experience as a full-stack software engineer, including making complex opaque systems more streamlined and transparent during her work at Capital One.


Together, our team brings state-of-the-art skills and unparalleled expertise to develop and deliver Kaveat while deeply understanding our customers' needs.


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