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Get the most out of your creative career: Kaveat Version 2 Update

In today’s digital world, creators, influencers, and those in the creator economy are playing an increasingly important role in shaping our culture. The content published and viewed has impacts on viewers’ career choices, meal prep recipes, or clothing choices, becoming a normal part of our day to day choices. The work of these innovative and creative individuals has become more important than ever, in some cases literally pushing the economy forwards. However, as the demand for their services and products grows, so, too, does the complexity of the contracts they sign and the negotiations they must make. The reality is that content creators are in fact a small business, and with that comes a world of administration many aren’t prepared for.

This is where Kaveat comes in. Our mission in building Kaveat has always been dedicated to helping those in the creator economy take control over their careers. We currently help users understand and negotiate their contracts through our solution — translating complex legal jargon into plain simple English. But Kaveat has been working hard to make life even easier for our users. Meet version 2.

So, what’s new in version 2? To start, we have added a proper user account and sign up process; no need to answer the same questions or re-enter your email every time you upload a contract. This makes it more streamlined to keep track of your contracts and negotiations with a single click of a button (aka “Log-In”). With your personal portal and information all in one place, we make the contract process seamless. Personalized administration means that Kaveat will soon be able to provide personalized insights into where you stand in the greater creator economy through job tracking and payment trend lines. Version 2 is a big step forward in creating our one-stop shop for all our users’ needs.

We have also added a Stripe integration, which allows for credit card payments (sorry Venmo, you were great for the MVP), making it simple and secure to upgrade your account and start taking advantage of all that Kaveat has to offer. Because of this update, we can now introduce our biggest change: the introduction of subscriptions. You can now upload unlimited contracts and get all the benefits of Kaveat’s contract management and negotiation services for a small monthly payment.

One of the most useful and asked-for features of Kaveat V2 is the ability to store all of your uploaded contracts in one place, so you can go back to them for reference at any time. This makes it easy to keep track of all your negotiations, and ensures that you always have the information you need, when you need it; access to your Kaveat-ed contract results in your dashboard, whenever you want.

Overall, we have worked hard to make sure that this release has a smoother user experience, the platform is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, with a focus on helping creators understand their contracts and navigate the negotiation process with ease… EVERY TIME! Whether this is a user’s first job or 100th, we know that no two contracts are the same, a sneaky clause is nearly always hiding. With version 2, we make it simpler for creators to help themselves.

As the creator economy continues to grow, along with the complex business and legal admin of the creator’s day-to-day life, Kaveat is there to help. Version 2 is the first release of many, each with one thing in mind: meeting our users needs best. With this new update, we want to also reaffirm our commitment to evolve, improve, and meet the changing needs of the creators we serve.

So, now that you are ready to level up your contract game, sign up for Kaveat today. With our cutting-edge tech and user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to stop wasting time on combing through legal jargon, and spend more time doing what you do best — creating.

Reach out to us at for any questions, or reach out on Instagram @kaveatapp

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