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Helping you sign the contracts you deserve.

Kaveat helps you understand your contracts.

First up, influencers and models.

What Are We


Your first contracts are analyzed for free.


Digestible explanations of your contract at the touch of a button.


We strive to give you the most accurate results: if we are not sure about a clause, we'll let you know!

Built for creators.

By creators.

Legal fees?
Don't know them.

How It Works


Upload a contract

You scan or upload a contract through the app.


Watch the magic happen

Our app uses natural language processing to reduce each clause into easily digestible English.


Explore contract feedback

Click through each clause to view its simplified translation.

Why kaveat?

Knowing what you are signing saves you time and money.  

Why does this matter?

"There is a huge power is a fragmented, disperse, and disconnected industry."

- A. M.

Professor and former model

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